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The Tale of The Dark Unicorn (my version)

Enough blabbing about time. It was of no use after all.
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This was supposed to be an answer to a challenge from a friend of mine, Putri Khairunnisa. Here is the challenge. And here is my answer; but i was too (damn!) late to collect it, so here you go:

The Tale of The Dark Unicorn (lanjutan versi saya *muhahahahaha)

Who says that a fairy tale always had a happy ending? Well this is exactly what happened to the two brothers; as soon as the unicorn saw the brothers, it started to step heavily into the ground with its hooves, and it heads toward the younger brother. The older brother managed to grab his sibling by his collar and pull him aside, but the unicorn was too quick in changing direction and now he, the older brother, is being the one targeted by the unicorn. There is no helping him then. The unicorn simply stabbed him to death with its sharp horn. 

The younger brother can’t do anything for a while. In fact, his whole body feels numb and didn’t feels like it belongs to him when he just stay there, staring at his brothers body which being gobbled by the unicorn. He stand there, trying not to believe in all of his senses when he watched the unicorn tear the older brother limbs apart and started to chew on it before it moves to the stomach where it gruesomely gouged by the unicorn horns. For a moment the unicorn stand there and glowering at the younger brother while it masticated the gut of his older brother. Then the unicorn seemed to grow tired of the older brother and started hovering for the younger brother.

The younger brother yelps and jumps straight away, but this act has no use. In a second the unicorn was able to tackle the younger brother down, and screeching it piercing teeth down the younger brother legs. The younger brother screamed at the top of his lung when his skin and flesh ripened away, showing his white bone. The next thing he knew, he was no longer able to even saying a word since the unicorn has shifted its position so the younger brother now trampled below the unicorn hooves. The unicorn continued to trodden the younger brother and he began to feel out of breath- to the point that he can no longer feel any pain at all. This is somehow relish him, and he began to wonder when will the angel of death come and get him, and soon his soul was leaving his body forever.

Years after the villagers left their houses, a young man came to the village. The poor adolescent had been warned about the darkness of the forest, along with its ominous creatures. Of course, the most ferocious one, the black unicorn as well. Yes, the unicorn is now living in the forest, since it succeeded in escaping the hell. Not even the devilish monsters in hell could forbid the unicorn from its way to liberty.  But after all, this brave juvenile didn’t have many options either. He has to go through the forest in order to get a rare herb, a main thing needed for his sister medicine, for his sister is  now awfully sick and may even dead for any moment.

Ever since the young man arrived at the deserted village, he began to have strange dreams. He kept seeing a giant door, and since it seems that he have to come across that door, he knocked on the door over and over, kept pestering it with all his might, trying to barge in whenever he can. But it was no use, and the door keep bulking in, stood there with all its mightiness. And even after all that useless labor, he would start it all over again until suddenly an immense power pulled and pushed him away from the door. Then he would fall through some thick mist when out of nowhere, two icy cold hands appear and abruptly hold his hands. His dreams always ended here, and he usually wakes up with a jerk and shivers, a cold run down through his spine. He feels as if someone, somewhere, was watching him all the time, but he can’t even trace that person whereabouts. He remembered the ghastly story being told after him, and horror came into his mind. He embarks on disguising himself in every camouflage possible, and he never again rest undefended. The shadow of monsters and the black unicorn haunted him everywhere.

That way, the young man continued his journey and begins to explore the forest. He endured his fear and persisted in his objective, to find the rare herb. After such tiring expedition, he finally found the herb. It shrub were full of large, hairy leaves with it small stem which seems vulnerable if not for its tremendous thorns. He started to pick on it, and from it stems a white, milky liquid trickled down and mixed with morning dew. It was such a pleasant morning until an enormous black shadow appears out of the blue behind him. 

He turns around in alarm, and terror overcomes him when he catches a glimpse of a black unicorn at his rear. Screaming at the top of his voice, he dash into massive bushes, hoping that it would cover him from the black unicorn. A gleaming sphere swiftly soars in his direction, startles him and caused him to trip over a plants root and fell. He rolls and bumps into the ground, and suddenly he stop. He realized that he was in some kind of underground cave covered by roots and bushes, and through some hard effort, he peeked outside.

 Two gleaming spheres were floating around the unicorn; halt it to chase the young man. The unicorn snarl in frustration at those two spheres, and finally turns it back in condemned retreat. The spheres slowly dissolve into thin air. The young man breathes a sigh of relief, but he is still panting heavily and his heart pulsating wildly. Suddenly the cave brightens, and the adolescent twitch in anxiety. He spins and finds the two gleaming spheres behind him, and he watched wearily when those two spheres gradually swift their shapes.

“No need to afraid, my dear man,” without warning, a voice resonating dimly within the cave. The voice originated from one of the spheres, but it no longer has it shape. Instead, a figure of man stands facing the adolescent. “We don’t mean any harm to you.”

Another figure derived from the other sphere began to speak as well. “We were the two brothers who created those beasts and the black unicorn. We were killed by the black unicorn and our souls supposedly transcend to heaven, but the door to heaven forbids us to get in. Then we realized that we still have to take our responsibility for at least, creating the black unicorn. It seems that the other beasts were quite harmless if we compare it to the unicorn.” It stiffs for a while and continues, “We need you to help us defeating the black unicorn. Please, my brave man, would you lend us a hand?”
The young man staring devastated at the two figures. “But you just prevent it from assault me! Surely you can put it down by yourselves without my help!”

A figure shakes his head weakly. “We can’t. While it is true that we now had more power to stop it, all we can do is simply push it away for a moment. We can’t confront it, thus we can’t kill it.”
“Seems like we can’t touch it,” the other figure says in addition to his brother explanation. “Not by ourselves, at least. But you,” it stops and deepen its voice, “You can touch it. If there is any chance for you to get near it, you can even kill it.”

“Why does it have to be me?” the young man whimper in distress.

“To tell the truth, it doesn’t have to be you. But if we prolonged the execution, there is a chance that it may get stronger and we can no longer inhibit him to leave this forest. Imagine that beasts come striding down your street. There would be a lot of ruckus; it will frighten all of your people. It will send terror down your hills and make you unable to sleep even in the most peaceful night.  There would be a lot of people beaten to death by the unicorn. Would you want that to happen?”

The young man takes his time to picture all that said by the brothers. Then slowly, he lit his face up. Without any further preach, the two brothers know that this juvenile, though still trembling with fear, is determined to banish the most horrendous creature they ever created, the unicorn. One of the brothers starts to give the young man some advice and instruction, “To kill the unicorn, you must stab it straight in its heart, or core, for it has no heart,” he adds bitterly. “The right spot is just between its front legs, right below his neck. You have to aim at it with something sharp do you have anything like that?” Turns out the young man have an arm-length knife with him, so the figure continues its speech, “After you stabbed its core, you have to quickly run away and defend yourself since the darkness from its core will pour out tremendously. If you don’t be careful, it may possess you.” He lower his voice, “Do you understand what I’m saying?” the young man nod, and the figure seems pleased. “We will guard you all the time. Don’t worry, we will try to catch its attention and prevent it from hurt you.”

The young man gritted his teeth and nodded to show that he understands and ready. Suddenly they freeze to hear a brisk sound nearby. And close enough, they see the unicorn stand outside the thorny bushes. It snorts, ready to attack anyone in sight. The young man climb up from the cave, and cautiously he approaches the unicorn, trying to keep himself out of its sight. The next thing he knew, he already jump from the bushes toward the unicorn, trying to avoid its flexing hooves. The unicorn jolt in alarm and the two spheres take this chance to appear right in front of the unicorn, startle it. The unicorn duck at the two spheres, loses its balance and fell to the ground, bringing the young man, who is still between it front legs down with it. The young man barge and shove his knife through the middle of the unicorn front, right between its front legs and below its neck. The unicorn struggles with all its might, but it no longer have the power to run or release itself from the knife. The young man, writhe from pain and trying to escape from the weight of an unicorn, pull his knife out and stab it again, hoping that its wriggle will release him free from its legs. 

But soon after the young man pulls his knife out, a dark vapor accumulates from the unicorns wound. It mists over the young man, and before he knew it, he was already engulfed in a heap of black mist. He tried to get out, but the fog choked him, restrained him even after he was freed from the unicorn hooves. Tear began to come on his eyes as he realized that the dark vapor start to seep into his body. He closes his eyes in anticipation, fearing what may come next.

An illuminating light unexpectedly appear inside of his eyelids. He was astonished and slowly opened his eyes again. Just from the corner of his eyes, he sees the two spheres sluggishly absorb the darkness engulfing him. 

“Dear son,” one of the spheres says, “Please make sure to run this time. After some time we will explode, carrying each tiny pieces of this darkness in our severed body.” 

 The young man watched in horror while those two spheres continued to engross the darkness and bulking up. “Then, what will happen to you?”

Sadly, the spheres answer, “It is our destined fate to hold the responsibility of preventing these darkness to  unite again. Do make sure of this thing young boy, passed this story along with your successors. It would be good if they have no trace of this darkness in their body, but even if they catch it, it better be in a really small amount. Never let the darkness grow inside of you or you’ll swallowed by it.” The sphere stops, and as it seems that it will really go explode, the spheres shouted, “Run, brave man! Ensure you didn’t have any trace of darkness inside your body!” 

With that words, the young man turn around and run with all his might. From the corner of his eyes, he can see the spheres explode with a loud bang, but instead of releasing the darkness into a heap of mist again, the darkness sprays, just like an aerosol. The young man covers himself by hiding behind a giant tree, and he watches the darkness in really tiny spheres, almost resembles a dot, being thrown out of the forest. Then it’s quiet for a while, and abruptly, like someone has waked them up, the forest crowd began to chatter in each language, overwhelming the silence.
And thus, is the story about how the darkness was able to bring itself in our heart. And like the brothers said, it is fine to have a little trace of darkness, but never, ever let it consumed your utter self.


Well, it's not much, but hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it. And a little prayer on the fantasy side: dear God, please give me strength to finish my TLT :'( it's been three years now and i haven't even been able to move from the third chapter. 

See you soon, I hope :)

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