Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

Kagerou Project

Anime baru yang ditonton akhir-akhir ini adalah Mekakucity Actors.

Setelah riset beberapa lama (astaga, risetnya model beginian ya. Skripsi dikemanain??), I found out that ths anime is actually an adaptation from Kagerou Project. What is Kagerou Project? Well, I suggest you to go here and visit youtube to watch the PV.

While I don't really like the vocal (IA or Hatsune Miku, sometimes both), I found those song irresistible.

And I found myself wondering, what was the novels like? So I've begin a journey to search for the light novels. I've found some links, and managed to put those together. I've uploaded those to my account in 4shared, you can find them here:

Kagerou Days 1
Kagerou Days 2
Kagerou Days 3 (in indonesia)
Kagerou Days 4

Credit goes to http://mekamekasubs.tumblr.com/novels and various others on the net.